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Rent one, play ALL!

InstantGS.com is built by and for gamers, offering 9 games server, for the price of ONE, and paying only ONCE, with affordable pricing and billing, starting at $1 USD !

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One server / 9 games

Game servers made easy, just rent a server, and you can execute ANY of the games supported by instantGS.com ! 2 tiers of server, that fits any gamer needs !

Flexible Billing

Play every day? get a monthly billing server. Just want to play for a weekend with your friends? Select a daily billing, schedule when your server will start and renew it as you much as you want ! No contracts, no extra fees, just FUN

Full control

Your server is only for you, with a powerful control panel, upload maps, and edit the configuration

Server Backup

Doesn't matter if your server is monthly or daily billing, when it expire, we keep a copy of the current status of your server, as soon is renewed, your server will be in the exactly same state you have it before !


Do you have any problem with your server? Contact us ASAP so we can help you. We are based on a strong network of datacenters, to provide the top notch quality in game server service